Hello! I'm Adrian Jo Milang.

I'm a 23 year old Kayan from Tubau, Sarawak (Malaysia's Borneo).  

The Kayan people are an indigenous tribe, originating in central Borneo. We are culturally rich, especially in our oral tradition. I have spent years of my youth immersing myself in it through my grandmother and elders from Kayan villages, learning, studying and practicing it.

Now, I'm deeply passionate about sharing the beautiful, ancient Kayan oral art form of the Parap and Takna'.

Parap is the traditional art of an impromptu poetic song. It is sung by a leader called the "Tukang Parap" and backed by a chorus. While Takna' is the delivery of epic songs about Kayan heroes, in a similar manner. But which sometimes can last for days (they don't call it epics for nothing!).

​I not only perform, I also love sharing via introductory classes, workshops and demonstrations of both the Parap and Takna'.

Please check out some of my Parap or Takna' videos, or drop me a note at the Contact page.

I am managed by The Tuyang Initiative, a social enterprise whose focus is in economic and skill uplifting of Dayak (Bornean indigenous) communities. Together, we work on inclusive and innovative indigenous cultural-related products & services. Our collective mission is in creating sustainable economic opportunities, as well as meaningful preservation and development of our communities' tradition, arts & culture.